The 5 Secrets About Keys To Successful Social Media Networking Only A Handful Of People Know.

Social networking and reach beyond instagram
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You’re probably wondering how to grow on Instagram or for that matter on any social media, you must’ve read a lot of blogs online, watched 100s of the video asking you to do the same 5–6 things over and over like hashtags, content, posting regularly and whatnot.

But it takes more than that and there are better ways to get more traction on your social media. “Networking” is the answer, connecting with people interested in your niche. Here’s how you can do networking very easily without spending even a cent

Make a group of 20–30 people on Instagram (30 is the limit), ask them to engage with each other’s posts whenever there are new posts, this way you get that initial reach for your post, which can help you stand on a particular hashtag to reach more people.

Figure out what’s the common questions people are asking in your niche and answer those in your posts, go to forum posting website, search your keyword you’ll get 100s of questions to answer any of them in your posts and share the link of the post in the answer of that question. This is a very effective method in finding content ideas as well! Thank me later. 😉

This is a very simple trick, but a lot of times we use the message “Hi, I like your feed let’s connect” for reaching them, it’s not an effective way of doing it. You should specify which post did you like on their page and how it added value to your life so it’s convincing to the creator and you connect with them on a different level, now this can help when you’re in some doubt and need help, you can ask them around or vice versa. Communication skills are really important whether social media or real life.

This again is a cliche point but I have a different approach to it, if you’re a freelancer working as a social media manager and you’re only posting about how amazing your services are, well nobody is buying that thing. Instead of you start giving solutions to the problems they have they might consider you. Eg- If you do a story asking people to ask a question and you answer that question in a successive story or an Instagram reel or live, your users or target audience might think of your services knowing that you have a “problem solving” attitude.

No, use other social media while using Instagram to promote your content. Join Reddit groups, Quora communities, Facebook groups to promote your Instagram posts. Write an article on Medium or Feedly converting your content. These platforms are very useful when there’s a new update of something or some news which has to be covered. Like IOS 14 update for Facebook, advertisers was a huge deal, if you write about it on Medium or Reddit there’s a huge chance that people will connect with you knowing your abilities to stay up to date and having knowledge of what’s happening around.


-Use engagement groups to full potential

-Great content for the limelight

-DM people with relevant messages (No spamming)

-Making content for your audience

-Using Reddit, Quora, Fb, Medium to promote your content while crossposting.

These are some ways of connecting with your audience and serving them with great content while “networking”. What’s your way to do this? Let me know in the comment below



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