Utilization of Blogs to enhance your website SEO in 2021

Blogs for website and how to implemnt it
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Many people get this thought that if they should post blogs on their website? or is it a dead investment? or do I need to spend a lot of time curating blog topics?

We are here to make this very clear today and settle once for all

Why Blogs?

Blogs make your website’s SEO stronger at it tells Google about what the website is about by the keywords you use in the blog, of course for that you need to be very vigilant while choosing a blog topic.

People often search on Google “How to do XYZ?” well if your website is covering that XYZ, you have a good chance to get an organic visitor to your website.

How to find right blog topics

How to find that “XYZ”

How to find what people from your niche are looking for is an important question. If you know exactly what your target audience is looking for it would be very easy for you to decide the topic of the blog.

Well, it’s not rocket science you can easily find out what people are searching for with tools like Ubersuggest

Take any primary keyword from your niche, search it on Ubersuggest, tap on “Content ideas” to know what people search using that particular keyword

Compititor analysis for website SEO

Tap a competitor

They say

“You should learn from your competitor, but never copy”

well that’s exactly what we are going to do. Analyze competitors website on sites like Moz, SemRush to get ideas of their content and keywords. Note down their content ideas, modify the topic according to need and add something that they’re missing on. Easy right? well no! before you post anything check for plagiarism and see if your content is unique.

Social bookmarking for new blogs

Quora & reddit Social bookmarking

Quora is the easiest way to find what people are looking for and so is Reddit and also these are easy sites to backlink your website but make sure you don’t do a lot of self-promotion in the answer or Reddit you write. Make it valuable for the user.

Cover trending topics

If you’re very vigilant and a follower of trends, then you must absolutely write on what’s happening in the world. Suppose you’re a software brand and suppose Google Chrome rolled out an update of adding plugins, then you must cover that topic on your website. It’s very easy to rank on Google as there is very little competition and this trending search gets a lot of searches. Just visit Google Trend to see how much this is important

Backlinks for Blogs

Just writing blogs is not sufficient for a new website, you need Google to trust you, for that you must have quality backlinks. Now, people think backlinks are commenting on some blogs and that’s all. Backlinking has come a long way and Google is way smarter than you think. To get quality backlinks you need to write on Medium, Blogger, Quora, Reddit and some more backlinking sites related to your niche.

Interlinking of website and how to do it


Blogs can help you get interlinking better for your website, You can introduce recent post, popular post on the blog page to keep the reader on-site for a longer period. You can also add a related products section to directly promote it on blogs, but make sure you do it subtly.



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